Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Christmas and New Years

We had such nice Christmas.  We stayed home this year because Andy is really busy getting his graduate applications done.

Christmas Eve we went to church and when we got home Penny and I took a nap and Andy and Ellie went to Mission Bay and played on his skateboard.  When they got home we had dinner and then watched Home Alone 2.  Ellie almost died laughing, which made us laugh even harder.  After the girls went to bed Andy and I got everything set up.

Our girls were so spoiled by friends and family
Christmas morning the girls slept until about 7 and Penny refused to even look at a present until she ate some cereal.
We opened stocking and their present from Santa and then we had breakfast, cinnamon rolls and bacon.  We opened a few more presents and then got dressed and went to see Jumanji.  We all really liked it!

We opened presents one at a time this year, and so it took most of the day to open everything.  Then I made ham dinner and we went to Sea World for about an hour to look at the lights.  We left a little earlier than planned because Andy and Ellie went on ride and got soaked! It was dark and a little chilly and so they were both pretty much done.

cute husband 
Even though it was little sad to not see any family, it was so nice to be relaxed and really enjoy our core family.  I love them so much!

New Years Eve we had our last Sunday at 1 o'clock church, hallelujah! When we came home I made egg roll and fried rice.  Andy quickly fell asleep until 9.  I put the girls to bed after an early midnight countdown, and then I fell asleep until 11:55.  So we were definitely party animals like usual!

December 2017

Ellie really has such a fun teacher. The two weeks she had school in the month of December they did a Polar Express day. They also had a gingerbread house party that I was able to go to.

During Christmas break Ellie and Penny had a lot of fun together playing, watching movies, and Ellie really mastered reading during the break, and lost her first tooth!  They also started sharing a room, which went so smoothly! I was so surprised!

We also donated Thomas' toys to Toys for Tots.  Ellie really liked helping to pick out what we should get, and Penny really liked riding in the toy car.

The girls and I also participated in a live nativity.  Ellie was an angel and Penny and I were shepherds. Penny kept dancing during it, but thankfully was otherwise well behaved.


Ellie started off the month with wanting a hair cut.  Its funny because she got this same haircut at the same time last year.
She had a week of school where they learned all about Native Americans and she was spouting facts for weeks.
We also hit up the safari park, which is an extension of the San Diego Zoo.  We don't go here as often because it is farther away, so its always a fun time.
Penny refused to be in this picture
For Thanksgiving we went up to Andy's brothers house.  Andy's parents were also there and came home with us to spend a few days with us before they went back to Utah.

But most importantly Penny turned 2!!
She is the biggest daddy's girl in the world and so sweet to everyone! She wants to do everything that Ellie does.  She loves music and likes to sing along.
On her birthday we went to Bass Pro Shop and saw Santa.  She was not interested in being on his lap, even though she kept saying "hug Santa" while we were in line.  That night we went out for dinner and she loved getting her own meal, and most importantly the ice cream sundae at the end of the meal.

The next day we went to Sea World with Andy's parents.  They were so nice and upgraded our tickets to season passes as a Christmas gift.  We had a great time with Grammy and Papa, and the girls loved being with them.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Halloween 2017

Halloween was fun as always.  Penny was very into the decorations and kept saying everything was "ary".  We had our annual caramel apples and viewing of Sleepy Hollow on the first Monday of October.
It was so fun with Ellie being in school to go to her class party and watch their costume parade.  They also had a Halloween carnival that was a lot of fun.

The day before Halloween we carved our pumpkin.  Fun fact, I love having a carved pumpkin, but I HATE carving pumpkins! I'm glad Andy was home and did most of the work, and Ellie did the rest.

Andy had been growing his beard out for a few months to be a devil.  He looked awesome and won first place at work.  His prize was a Christmas candle, haha!
We had donuts for breakfast, per tradition, and went trick or treating when Andy got home.  We went around for about an hour, and had so much candy between the two of them.