Monday, March 26, 2018

Last Days in San Diego

Andy was busy all through the Christmas break applying to graduate school.  We prayed he would get in to one, and we are thrilled that he has gotten into 6 different programs with funding provided at each school!

After that we decided it would be wisest to move back to Utah and stay with Andy's parents to save money before moving again in the fall.  We had to go to our favorite places a few more times before we left!

We went to our favorite donut place, The Donut Bar, twice.

We also went to the zoo a few more times, and to a botanical garden and pie place that Andy has been wanting to go to for a while now.

Ellie was bummed to be leaving her school but was happy that she got to be there for 100 days, Valentines and to be star student.

Ellie has an admirer named Roger who was always bringing her presents 
I can say that I don't recommend moving while you are 30 weeks pregnant, and have a 2 year old, but there we are.

Not ashamed to say that Penny watched a ton of TV the last week we were there
Other highlights include going to the beach one last time with the girls best friends, Tommy and Alex.  We will miss their whole family so much!

Ellie also learned how to tie her shoes, we went to Balboa Park, and celebrated Galentines Day.
Ovaries before Brovaries

The first Cafe Rio in San Diego opened and we went a ton of times! They had amazing deals.

I won't be sad to leave the crowds and cost of San Diego.  But I will miss the amazing people we met there, and the beautiful beaches.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Baby #4!

Pretty soon after we had Penny had a nagging feeling that someone was saying "I'm here, don't forget about me".  I knew we had another baby, but also knew that it way to soon to be adding another baby.  When Penny turned 18 months, May, Andy and I started talking more and more about it. In July I went off birth control and we were going to just see what happens.

A few weeks later I felt pretty confident I wasn't pregnant, with our timing and just coming off birth control I just didn't think it had happened.  We were going to Disneyland and since I hadn't started my period I took  a pregnancy test on a whim just make sure before I went on any roller coasters.

I was shocked when a positive result came up almost immediately!
I ran out and told Andy and we were so happy!  I suppose it worked out with Disneyland because even though I couldn't go any big rides, we needed someone to sit off with Penny anyways!

We announced it when I was 8 weeks and everything has been going pretty well.
I've been pretty tired, but the sickness is gone.
18 weeks
Baby boy is due April 12th, but I'll be induced on March 29th! We can't wait!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Christmas and New Years

We had such nice Christmas.  We stayed home this year because Andy is really busy getting his graduate applications done.

Christmas Eve we went to church and when we got home Penny and I took a nap and Andy and Ellie went to Mission Bay and played on his skateboard.  When they got home we had dinner and then watched Home Alone 2.  Ellie almost died laughing, which made us laugh even harder.  After the girls went to bed Andy and I got everything set up.

Our girls were so spoiled by friends and family
Christmas morning the girls slept until about 7 and Penny refused to even look at a present until she ate some cereal.
We opened stocking and their present from Santa and then we had breakfast, cinnamon rolls and bacon.  We opened a few more presents and then got dressed and went to see Jumanji.  We all really liked it!

We opened presents one at a time this year, and so it took most of the day to open everything.  Then I made ham dinner and we went to Sea World for about an hour to look at the lights.  We left a little earlier than planned because Andy and Ellie went on ride and got soaked! It was dark and a little chilly and so they were both pretty much done.

cute husband 
Even though it was little sad to not see any family, it was so nice to be relaxed and really enjoy our core family.  I love them so much!

New Years Eve we had our last Sunday at 1 o'clock church, hallelujah! When we came home I made egg roll and fried rice.  Andy quickly fell asleep until 9.  I put the girls to bed after an early midnight countdown, and then I fell asleep until 11:55.  So we were definitely party animals like usual!

December 2017

Ellie really has such a fun teacher. The two weeks she had school in the month of December they did a Polar Express day. They also had a gingerbread house party that I was able to go to.

During Christmas break Ellie and Penny had a lot of fun together playing, watching movies, and Ellie really mastered reading during the break, and lost her first tooth!  They also started sharing a room, which went so smoothly! I was so surprised!

We also donated Thomas' toys to Toys for Tots.  Ellie really liked helping to pick out what we should get, and Penny really liked riding in the toy car.

The girls and I also participated in a live nativity.  Ellie was an angel and Penny and I were shepherds. Penny kept dancing during it, but thankfully was otherwise well behaved.